Survey Experiment

Appendix F – Questionnaires, Surveys, Instruments, Interview questions, etc.

Personal Questions

  1. Are you male or female?
  2. How old are you?/What year were you born?
  3. Are you married?
  4. How many kids do you have?
  5. What is your current employment situation?
  6. What is your average annual/monthly salary? (Perceived socio-economic status*)
  7. What is your occupation?
  8. What is the highest level of education you’ve completed?
  9. What religion are you?
  10. How religious do you see yourself?
  11. What is the primary language spoken at home?
  12. How many languages do you speak?
  13. What ethnicity are you?
  14. What class are you?
  15. What religion, ethnicity, and class are your parents?
  16. What religion, ethnicity, and class is your spouse?
  17. What city and province do you live in?
  18. Where were you born?

Cross-cutting/Community Questions

19.  What percentage of your daily interactions is with other members of another ethnicity, class, religion, political group?
20.  Are you a member of any associations or clubs?
21.  In these associations are there members of different:

  1. Religions?
  2. Class?
  3. Ethnicity?
  4. Economic status?

22.  Does [person] belong to the same [group] as you?

  1. Spouse:

i.      Religion
ii.      Class
iii.      Ethnicity

  1. Religious leader:

i.      Class
ii.      Ethnicity

  1. Best friend:

i.      Religion
ii.      Class
iii.      Ethnicity

  1. Employer:

i.      Religion
ii.      Class
iii.      Ethnicity

23.  Do different ethnic and class groups in your area have good relations?

24.  Is your ethnicity and class well-represented in the police and administration?

25.  In the military?

26.  Do people of other ethnicities live in your neighborhood?

27.  Do people of other class live in your neighborhood?

28.  Can you identity people as being from a different ethnicity without prior knowledge?

29.  Can you identity people as being from a different class without prior knowledge?

30.  Do families of different ethnicity visit each other?

31.  Do families of different class visit each other

32.  Do your kids feel any ethnic or class based discrimination at school?

33.  Do you work with people of a different ethnicity? Class?

34.  How often do you have contact with the following groups?


35.  Are you interested in politics?

36.  Did you vote in the most recent of the following elections:

    1. Presidential?
    2. National Assembly?
    3. Referendum?
    4. Local leadership?
    5. Local representatives?

37.  Do you identify with one of the following parties?

38.  What party did you vote for the last time you voted in National Assembly elections?

39.  Which of the four major political movements do you support the most?

40.  Have you ever:

    1. Participated in a political protest/demonstration/rally?
    2. Worked or volunteered for an organized political party?
    3. Been offered money or gifts by an electoral candidate or his/her organization prior to an election or referendum?
    4. If so, from whom?

41.  For any of the following referendum, did anyone attempt to explain the referendum to you?

    1. 1995
    2. 1998
    3. 2007
    4. 2010

42.  Who was it that attempted to explain the referendum?

    1. Party representative
    2. Current government official
    3. Neighbor, friend, or family

43.  Did you feel like you sufficiently understood the referendum issues when you voted?

    1. 1995
    2. 1998
    3. 2007
    4. 2010

44.  What group, in your view, would be most benefited by the referendum?

45.  How do you get information about political events?

46.  When voting for a presidential candidate, are you confident that you know what the candidate’s views are:

    1. Politically?
    2. Economically?

47.  Do you feel a duty or obligation to vote?

48.  Why?

49.  Have you ever contacted your political representative about an issue that affects you?

50.  Is your local leadership the same ethnicity as you?

51.  Rate your confidence that your vote makes a difference?

52.  Rate your trust for the following government officials?

    1. President
    2. Prime minister
    3. National assembly representative

53.  Number the following in order of importance when choosing a presidential candidate?

    1. Co-ethnicity
    2. Candidate’s class
    3. Candidate’s economic plan
    4. Candidate’s promises to tackle corruption
    5. How familiar you are with the candidate
    6. Candidate’s region of residence/origin

World Views

Rate how much you agree with following statements:

54.  I don’t like to associate with people of other ethnicities or class.

55.  I trust people of other ethnicities.

56.  People of lower classes don’t deserve to participate in government.

57.  Highlanders and cotiers have different political goals.

58.  Those descended from andevo are not as smart as those descended from hova or andriana.

59.  Cotiers are not as religious as highlanders.

60.  Two people should not marry if they are from different ethnicities.

61.  Two people should not marry if they are from different classes.

62.  It’s ok to favor the cotiers because they have traditionally been disadvantaged.

63.  Government policies generally favor a particular ethnic group.

64.  I will not attend a political rally if it is organized by another ethnicity.

65.  Andriana have access to special privileges.


Economic policy

Institutional policy

Anti-corruption policy


66.  Do you support this policy?

67.  Do you expect this policy to be successful?

68.  Is this policy fair? Or does one group benefit more than another?

69.  Do you expect this policy to be implemented as explained?

70.  Do you trust the person proposing this policy?

71.  Is this policy designed to benefit everyone equally?

72.  Do you think that the goal of this policy is as stated or something else?

~ by Abraham on 11 March 2011.

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