Using cultural values to create development incentive

Every culture has things that are valued above all else. In America, one such value is the opportunity to work, to earn, to create wealth. We value that and so there is incentive to pursue it. Other cultures’ values however, don’t always center around economic factors. In some cultures people value honor, in others prestige, and in others perhaps it is the family. What I wonder is, is there a way to incentivize economic growth by attaching these values to that growth. Could someone find incentive to invest in his or her economy (thus growing the economy by means of money or labor) as a result of his or her desire for honor or prestige? Can we find ways to connect culture to modernization? Since every culture values different things I think there has to be a way to use those values to create incentive for people to develop their own nation. If we don’t accommodate for traditional values and priorities the people will lack the determination to see any development program through to the end.

~ by Abraham on 1 February 2011.

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