25 Questions:

What are people’s perceptions of the government leaders?
What are their perceptions of the institutions?
What do they perceive as being the weak spot?
Do the people/local experts see ethnicity as an issue in current politics?
Do the people identify more with a leader, a party, an ethnicity, or geographical region?
How do people feel about voting?
What is the source of instability if not ethnicity?
How have leaders used or ignored ethnicity as a tool?
How have leaders used or ignored religion as a tool?
How do voting trends differ in urban versus rural areas?
How do voting trends differ province to province?
Does the time of year make a difference in voting?
How much is the military respected by the population?
What is the structure and chain of command of the military?
How would an interview be different based off of whether I dressed casually or in business attire?
Will a Malagasy be biased in expressing his/her view of the government when talking to an American?
Do people care what religion the President belongs to?
Where do people primarily get information about politics from?
Who runs those primary sources of information?
Who would the people like to see Madagascar working with internationally?
What role do the people see the military as fulfilling?
Do the people support the perceived role of the military?
What are the people’s priorities when choosing a leader to follow?
What is the people’s preferred media for political participation?
How many Malagasy would be OK with an inter-ethnic marriage?

~ by Abraham on 15 January 2011.

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